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Subsidies Discipline on Natural Resource Pricing: Report Submitted to the United Nations Conference
on Trade and Development (UNCTAD India Programme, May 2009)
Bishwanath Goldar and Anita Kumari
Reports under India -EU BTIA: These reports cover Accountancy services, Banking services,
Environmental services, Health services, IT-ITES, Logistic services, Postal services and
Telecommunications services. (2008)
Green Box Subsidies: A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment
UNCTAD India Team, May 2007.
Trade and Technology Transfer: Negotiating Options for India in WTO. Prepared for Ministry of
Commerce, New Delhi, A project final report by The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI). May 2006.
Report of the Study on Mode 4 offers and QRP/LRP Procedures
October 2005
Harmonised System Nomenclature: A Reference Manual on Rubber and Rubber Products.
Tharian George K, Joby Joseph (August 2005)
Value Addition or Value Acquisition Travails of the Plantation Sector in the Era of Globalisation
Tharian George K, Joby Joseph.June 2005
Study on Identification of Items at 6-digit HS Level of Trade Classification that would not qualify
for Change at 4-digit HS Level

: Dr Ram Upendra Das,2004
Study on Test data Protection in India: Sponsored by Department of Commerce, Ministry of
Commerce and Industry, Government of India
Dr. N. S. Gopalakrishnan, Adv. Benoy K. Kadavan,December 2003
Global Trade and Tariff Policy on Rubber and Rubber Products under the WTO regime:
A Preliminary Assessment By:
Tharian George K, Joby Joseph and Jom Jacob,November2003.
A Study of Trade Facilitation Measures from WTO Perspective:
Nirmal Sengupta & Moana Bhagabati (August 2003)
WTO and the Natural Rubber Sector: The Genesis of WTO and the Aftermath: Vol-1
Tharian George K and Toms Joseph. (February 2002)
Natural Rubber in Post-QRs Regime
Tharian George K, Toms Joseph and Joby Joseph,August 2002(epw)
Analysis of minimum level of Protection required to protect domestic producers for use during
negotiations on the WTO Agreements on Agriculture

Anil Sharma, June 2002.
Duty Exemption and Remission Schemes: Case for Review
Toms Joseph,  Tharian George K, March 2002(epw)
WTO and Natural Rubber Sector in India: Vol-2
Toms Joseph and Tharian George K, February 2002
Impact of Economic Reforms on Tyre Industry
S. Mohanakumar, Tharian George K.,March 2001(epw)
The Trend and Pattern of Natural Rubber Price in India: An exploratory analysis.
By: S Lakshmi, S Mohanakumar, Tharian George K, 1996
Trends in India's External Trade in Rubber and Rubber Products: An Intertemporal analysis...
By: Joby Joseph, Tharian George K. and Toms Joseph
Market Access for NAMA Products in WTO Negotiations (Phase I & II)
Study on Intellectual Property: Preparing India's response to the US Swiss submission on the relationship      between TRIPS agreement and CBD.
Report on Emergency Safeguard Mechanism (ESM)


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