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CRIT/CWS Working Papers


CRIT/CWS Working Paper 74

Trade and Agriculture: A snapshot of the WTO Rules

Sachin Kumar Sharma,Teesta Lahiri,Talha Akbar Kamal

CRIT/CWS Working Paper 73

Trade and Agriculture: A Discourse on Cross Cutting Issues

Sachin Kumar Sharma, Lakshmi Swathi Ganti, Paavni Mathur

CRIT/CWS Working Paper 72

Quantifying the Impact of Market Access Barriers in Agricultural Sector Amidst Rising Food Insecurity

Murali Kallummal, Simran Khosla, Ankit Kundu and Akansha Sinha

CRIT/CWS Working Paper 71

Navigating Agricultural Domestic Support, Fisheries Subsidies, and Food Security:A Critical Examination Of The WTO Rules

Sachin Kumar Sharma,Ahamed Ashiq Shajahan,Alisha Goswami

CRIT/CWS Working Paper 70

Profiling of Conformity Assessment Procedures (TBT Measures):Special Reference to Sectoral Domination Across Country Grouping

Murali Kallummal, Simran Khosla, Hari Maya Gurung

CRIT/CWS Working Paper 69

Sustainability and Agriculture Subsidies Negotiations: Navigating the Cross-Roads For WTO MC 13

Sachin Kumar Sharma,Paavni Mathur,Ahamed Ashiq Shajahan,Lakshmi Swathi Ganti,Alisha Goswami

Working Paper 68

International Trade Related Disciplines on Fossil Fuels –A Developing Country Perspective

Ronjini Ray

Working Paper 67

Legislated Endowments and Size Matter for MSMEs An Enquiry of the Heterogeneity of National Definitions

Murali Kallummal and Simran Khosla

Working Paper 66

Universal Applicability of the Kof Index of Globalisation?Evidence From Brics Nations

Pralok Gupta and Shloka Mathur

Working Paper 65

Agricultural Domestic Support Negotiations at the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference:Diluting the Development Agenda

Sachin Kumar Sharma ,Abhijit Das,Suvayan Neogi,Teesta Lahiri and Paavni Mathur

Working Paper 64

Disciplining Trade-Distorting Support to Cotton in the US: An Unfinished Agenda in WTO Negotiations

Sachin Kumar Sharma, Aditi Sawant, Parkhi Vats, Sadhna Naik, Teesta Lahiri

Working Paper 63

A Quantitative Analysis of Proposals on Domestic Support in WTO Agriculture Negotiations: Need for Reaffirming the Development Agenda

Sachin Kumar Sharma

Working Paper 62

Demystifying Blue Box Support to Agriculture Under the WTO: Implications for Developing Countries

Sachin Kumar Sharma, Adeet Dobhal, Surabhi Agrawal, Abhijit Das

Working Paper 61

Industrial Subsidies’ Reform:The Developmental State under Siege

Mukesh Bhatnagar,Pallavi Arora

Working Paper 60

Urgent Need for Market Access Disciplining of Agriculture Trade: Profiling of Stringent and Non-Codex SPS based MRL Standards

Murali Kallummal, Harimaya Gurung

Working Paper 59

Special Safeguard Mechanism for Agriculture: Implications for Developing Members at the WTO

Abhijit Das, Sachin Kumar Sharma, Raihan Akhter, Teesta Lahiri

Working Paper 58

Improving the OECD Services Trade Restrictiveness Index

Pralok Gupta, Javeria Maryam, Sunayana Sasmal, and Shreyansh Singh

Working Paper 57

Implications of Signing Information Technology Agreement (ITA-1) and Expansion of ITA (ITA-2)

Rashmi Banga

Working Paper 56

Revisiting Domestic Support to Agriculture at the WTO: Ensuring a Level Playing Field

Sachin Kumar Sharma, Teesta Lahiri, Suvayan Neogi and Raihan Akhter

Working Paper 55

A bitter pill to swallow: India’s sugar sector under siege at the WTO

Sachin Kumar Sharma, Adeet Dobhal and Saiya Savooji

Working Paper 54

Republic of Korea and its Growing FTA Network
A study of provisions in Korea’s FTAs on access for merchandise goods into its market

V. S. Seshadri

Working Paper 53

Measuring Import Contents of Export and Output of Manufacturing Sector– Study of India and Selected Group of Countries

Anusree Paul and Alokesh Barua

Working Paper 52

Competition Law and Digital Economy: Identifying Emerging Challenges

Atul Kaushik

Working Paper 51

Technological Neutrality: Implications for Services Commitments and the Discussions on E-Commerce


Working Paper 50

A possible plurilateral framework to address the Misappropriation Of Genetic Resources and traditional Knowledge

Carlos M. Correa

Working Paper 49

Patent disclosure requirements in free trade agreements

Burcu Kilic

Working Paper 48

Implementation of the nagoya protocol scenarios for access and benefit sharing


Working Paper 47

Evolution of Technology in the Digital Arena: Theories,Firm-level Strategies and State Policies

Smitha Francis

Working Paper 46

Interface between technology, Law and Policy in the digital world:Promises and Uncertainties


Working Paper 45

Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations at the WTO: The Real Catch

Radika Kumar

Working Paper 44

EU-Brazil Proposal on Farm Support: Strengthening Agricultural Reforms or Undermining Them?

Sachin Kumar Sharma, Abhijit Das

Working Paper 43

Cloud Computing and the World Trading System: Blue Skies or Rough Weather Ahead?

Jayant Raghu Ram

Working Paper 42

Proposed E-commerce Disciplines @ WTO: Implications for Government Programmes and Digital Initiatives in India

Pralok Gupta

Working Paper 41

Indian Firms in Electronics Global Value Chains: Sectoral Analysis

Ankita Dash, Rupa Chanda

Working Paper 40

Indian Firms in Automotive Global Value Chains: Sectoral Analysis

Ankita Dash, Rupa Chanda

Working Paper 39

Working Paper 38

When Sharing isn’t always Caring: Understanding Telecom Infrastructure Sharing in the Multilateral Context

Jayant Raghu Ram

Working Paper 37

Trade Rules on Source Code- Deepening The Digital Inequities By Locking up the Software Fortress

Neeraj R. S.

Working Paper 36

Global Value Chains: Asymmetries, Realities and Risks

Abhijit Das and Zaki Hussain

Working Paper 35

India’s Trade with BRICS and the World: Implications on Skill and Technology Content

Murali Kallummal

Working Paper 34

EC's SPS and TBT Notifications on Endocrine Disruptors and Market Access Implications:Case of India's Exports

Murali Kallummal and Hari Maya Gurung

Working Paper 33

India’s Textiles and Clothing Industry in Global Value Chains and its Linkages with other Asian Countries

Neha Gupta

Working Paper 32

Is Indian Machinery Industry Better Integrated into Global Value Chains vis-àvis other Asian Economies?

Neha Gupta

Working Paper 31

Performance Requirements: Prospects For The EDEs

Satwik Shekhar

Working Paper 30

A possible WTO Agreement on investment- identifying emerging issues and their implications for India

Neeraj R S

Working Paper 29

WTO and its implications for India and China:Food security Vs Naked Commercial Interest

Sachin Kumar Sharma

Working Paper 28

WTO and Shrinking Policy Space for Food security:Issues and Challenges for China

Sachin Kumar Sharma

Working Paper 27

'Regulatory Chill’: Taking right to regulate for a spin

Satwik Shekhar

Working Paper 26

To Manipulate or Not Currency misalignment, trade law and the search for solutions

Srikar Mysore

Working Paper 25

Revenue (Foreign Exchange) Implications of the Outward Foreign Direct Investment:A Case of Indian Firms-level Investments

Murali Kallummal,Dilfy Ann Philip and Hari Maya Gurung

Working Paper 24

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): Implications for India’s Trade and Investments

Rashmi Banga and Pritish Kumar Sahu

Working Paper 23

Public stockholding of food in India: Can it distort international trade?

Rashmi Banga and C.S.C Sekhar

Working Paper 22

Trade Secret Protection in India: The Policy Debate

Chandni Raina

Working Paper 21

Indian Dairy Industry: Current Status, Challenges and Issues under WTO Regime

M Jayakrishna & A Rajasekaran

Working Paper 20

Regional Supply Chains in Asia: Examining India’s Presence and Possibilities in the RCEP

Amitendu Palit

Working Paper 19

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): Implications for Vietnam’s Domestic Value-Added Trade

Rashmi Banga

Working Paper 18

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): Implications for Malaysia's Domestic Value-Added Trade

Rashmi Banga

Working Paper 17

A GTAP analysis of regional integration between South Asia and ASEAN

Rajan Sudesh Ratna, Sachin Kumar Sharma

Working Paper 16

Impact of Green Box Subsidies on Agricultural Productivity, Production and International Trade

Rashmi Banga

Working Paper 15

Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon the TPP'S IPR Chapter:Issues and Concerns for India

Jayant Raghu Ram

Working Paper 14

An Analysis of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Implications for Indian Economy

Mr. Badri Narayanan. G. ,Dr. Sachin Kumar Sharma

Working Paper 13

Doha Negotiations and India’s Trade in Environmental Goods: Analysis of NAMA Sectoral Impacts

Dr. Murali Kallummal , Mr.Himanshu Khushwaha

Working Paper 12

Doha Negotiations and Domestic Support to Indian Agriculture Sector

Dr. Sachin Kumar Sharma

Working Paper 11

Trade Creation and Trade Diversion in the India- Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement-A Sector Specific Analysis

Sonam Choudhry, Murali Kallumal and Poornima Varma

Working Paper 10

Utilising India's Duty Free Preference Scheme for LDCs: Analysis of the Trade Trends

Murali Kallummal,Aditi Gupta and Abhijit Das

Working Paper 9

Information Technology Agreement of WTO: Call for a Revisit

K. J. Joseph

Working Paper 8

Measuring Value In Global Value Chains

Rashmi Banga

Working Paper 7

Treatment Of Export Credits In WTO Dispute Settlement And Domestic CVD Proceedings

James Nedumpara & Pankhuri Sharma

Working Paper 6

India’s Manufacturing Exports Dynamics: An Analysis of Technology Intensity Transition

Shibananda Nayak, Vani Aggarwal, Preeti Mann

Working Paper 5

Imbalance in Doha Round Market Access Outcomes in Trade in Agriculture and Allied Sectors

Murali Kallummal

Working Paper 4

Renewable Energy Programmes in EU, Japan and US - Compatibility with WTO Law


Working Paper 3

Process of Trade Liberalisation under the Information Technology Agreement(ITA)

Murali Kallummal

Working Paper 2

Trends in India’s Trade in Pharmaceutical Sector:Some Insights

Dr. Murali Kallummal , Ms. Kavita Bugalya

Working Paper 1

WTO Compatibility Of United States' Secondary Sanctions Relating to Petroleum Transactions With Iran

Shailja Singh

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