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Training of Trainers Programme on WTO and International Trade:Strengthening State-Centre Linkages(22 – 23 August 2012)







Challenges Faced in the Setting Standards and Regulations


Physicists Find Elusive Particle Seen as Key to

Stakeholder Consulations

States & international trade, WTO & FTA issues

22 August 2012

Dr. Murali Kallummal

Shri. Mukesh Bhatnagar

Dr. Murali Kallummal

Mr. Manab Majumdar

Prof. Sajal Mathur

Module On International Trade in Services: Importance and Potential for States

Presentation on Anti Dumping and Safeguards

State Centre Linkages

States and International Trade in Services

Training of Trainers Programme - GIs

wto and domestic support to agriculture

23 August 2012

Dr. Pralok Gupta

Prof. Shashank Priya

Mr. Ajay Sahai

Dr. Pralok Gupta

Prof. Madhukar Sinha

Dr. Sachin Kumar Sharma

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