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Seminar on Ethiopian WTO Accession Negotiations with focus on Trade in Financial Services(30 July - 3 August 2012)







Accession of LDCs

General Agreement on Trade in Services

WTO Overview

30 July 2012

Prof. Sajal Mathur

Dr. Pralok Gupta

Prof. Abhijit Das

Guidelines for Scheduling of Specific commitments under GATS

31 July 2012

Prof. Shailendra Kumar

Banking Sector Reforms & India's GATS commitment

commitments in the financial sector

FDI Policy in Banking

Financial Services- Annex & Understng

1 August 2012

Prof. Rajesh Jai Kanth

Prof. Sajal Mathur

Shri Shashank Saxena

Prof. Shailendra kumar

Data Issues in Services Trade

Financial Services Presentation

2 August 2012

Dr. Pralok Gupta

Ms. Sonia Pant

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