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Specialised Course on WTO Rules (Anti-Dumping, Subsidies, Safeguards), Dispute Settlement and RTAs(12 - 21 March 2012)







Anti-Dumping Agreement: Overview

Trade Defence Measures

WTO Overview

12 March 2012

Prof. Abhijit Das

Prof. Shashank Priya

Prof. Shashank Priya

IIFT presentation

13 March 2012

Shri. Satish kumar

Subsidies and cvd investigations

Subsidy Presentation

14 March 2012

Prof. Abhijit Das

Prof. Shailja Singh

Rules of origin complexities in WTO & RTAs

Dynamics of Regional Trading Agreements

Emerging Trends in Mega RTAs


15March 2012

Shri.R.S. Ratna

Shri. R.S.Ratna

Prof. Sajal Mathur

R. V. Anuradha

The WTO Dispute Settlement System Understanding


The WTO Dispute Settlement

SPS and TBT Web portal of CWS

16 March 2012

Shri. Atul Kaushik

Mukesh Bhatnagar

Atul Kaushik

Dr. Murali Kallummal

Mock Dispute Exercise

Safeguard Presentation

19 March 2012

Shri Atul Kaushik, Shailja singh

Prof. Shashank Priya

Doha Round Anti dumping Issues

Subsidies Negotiations

20 March 2012

Shri. Mukesh Bhatnagar

Prof. Abhijit Das

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