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List of Seminar/Conferences/Training 2017


Capacity Building Programmes


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Specialised Training Programme on Emerging Issues in WTO & International Trade

ITEC-Ministry of External Affairs

9- 18 Jan 2017


One Day Training Programme on Standards, Technical Regulations, Conformity Assessment & Accreditation –Understanding Standards and Technical Regulations “Government OfficialsIssues in Manufacturing”




Specialized Course on Select WTO Issues: Agriculture, Services, TRIPs and RTAs

ITEC-Ministry of External Affairs

6 – 15 Feb 2017


Conference on International Conference on the TRIPS CBD Linkage: Issues and Way Forward

15 – 17 Mar, 2017


Training Programme on WTO Anti Dumping Agreement with Regional perspective” for the officials of Bangladesh

22-26 May 2017


First India-Commonwealth Trade Summit in Collaboration with Commonwealth Secretariat

30-31 May 2017


4th WTI-CWS Joint Academy

5 -30 Jun 2017


Training of Assistant Secretaries

4 Jul 2017


Specialised course on select WTO issues: Agriculture, services TRIPS and RTAS

ITEC-Ministry of External Affairs

4-13 Sep 2017


The Training on the EU GSP Rex System


19-21 Sep 2017


Training of trainers on WTO and International Trade

4-5 Oct 2017


Trade Capacity of Afghanistan Introductory Training under CWS-ITC Project


9-13 Oct 2017


Specialised Training programme on standards, regulations and WTO SPS and TBT Measures

ITEC-Ministry of External Affairs

30 Oct- 07 Nov 2017


Workshop for media personnel covering international trade and WTO issues



India’s Priorities for 11th Ministerial Conference of the WTO: Consultation with Trade Experts


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