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Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System to Promote Development and Inclusivity


A Webinar Series (September – November 2020)

The South Centre, Geneva; Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi; Third World Network, Geneva; Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies, South Africa; and Trade Training and Research Institute, Cambodia are jointly organizing a series of interactive webinars on the overall theme of ‘Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System to Promote Inclusivity and Development’.

The webinars will include trade talks and panel discussions by a former minister, current and former trade negotiators and eminent experts in the field of international trade on different aspects of multilateral trading system. The collective outcome of the webinars will be a document containing an action-oriented agenda for developing countries for strengthening the Multilateral Trading System so that it responds positively to their development aspirations.


~ Please note that participation is only by invitation ~


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The details of the tenth session are below:

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