Web Based TBT Notification & Market Access Database


About Project

Under the guidelines of Department of Commerce, the Centre for WTO Studies has started web-based portals on the TBT and SPS notification to facilitate this information. Use of this facility presently is free of charge for any “Registered User” (including both exporters and importer).

As the tariffs are being reduced day by day, it has been observed that there is a corresponding increase in the non-tariff barriers like the SPS and TBT measures. At times these are designed to protect the domestic industries in the developed economies. There are several notifications that are being issued by WTO members and it is becoming very difficult for an exporter to keep a track of all these developments.

The database provides the HS nomenclature wise each individual notification. Based on this till December 2009 a total of 12,820 TBT notifications have been submitted to the WTO which has product coverage (4 digit HS code level) of more than 66,000 products. Similarly, as per Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures (SPS) it is mandatory for all the WTO members to notify their regulations to the WTO Secretariat, which in turn passes it on to other members for similar excise as that of TBT Agreement. A total of 8,792 notifications have been issued for the same period the same also has product coverage of nearly 72,000.

The use of this database is by way of a search/query command by which a country specific, product specific or year wise basis the SPS & TBT measures can be obtained. It would be up-dated on a bi-monthly basis.

The portal was running on a trial basis from 1st of January 2009.