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The Centre for WTO Studies was set up in the year 1999 to be a permanent repository of WTO negotiations-related knowledge and documentation. It was also envisaged that the Centre would evolve into a research unit with interest in trade in general and WTO in particular to finally develop into an independent think tank in the area. The Centre was later situated in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in November 2002.

Over the years, the Centre has conducted a robust research programme with a series of papers in all spheres of interest at the WTO. It is currently engaging itself in an exercise to back its research with an equally robust publication programme. The Centre has also created a specialised e-repository of important WTO documents, especially related to India, in its Trade Resource Centre.

It has been regularly called upon by the Government of India to undertake research and provide independent analytical inputs to help it develop positions in its various trade negotiations, both at the WTO and other forums such as Free and Preferential Trade Agreements and Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements.

Additionally, the Centre has been actively interfacing with industry and Government units as well as other stakeholders through its Outreach and Capacity Building programmes by organizing seminars, workshops, subject specific meetings etc. The Centre thus also acts as a platform for consensus building between stakeholders and policy makers...More


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 Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System to Promote Development and Inclusivity - A Webinar Series

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Working Paper: A Quantitative Analysis of Proposals on Domestic Support in WTO Agriculture Negotiations: Need for Reaffirming the Development Agenda

Vacancy: Advertisement for the position of Head for CCB (Centre for Capacity Building),CRIT (Centre for Research in International Trade) IIFT, New Delhi.

Working Paper: Demystifying Blue Box Support to Agriculture Under the WTO: Implications for Developing Countries

Webinar: Cross Border Subsidies and the WTO: An Analysis of the EU's Toolkit' (9 September 2020)

Working Paper: Industrial Subsidies’ Reform: The Developmental State under Siege


Working Paper: Urgent Need for Market Access Disciplining of Agriculture Trade: Profiling of Stringent and Non-Codex SPS based MRL Standards.

Working Paper: Special Safeguard Mechanism for Agriculture: Implications for Developing Members at the WTO.

Policy Brief: Protection of Data Generated By E-Commerce Market Space as Intellectual Property.

Policy Brief: Seeking Market Access behind the Veil of Combating Covid-19.

Working Paper: Improving the OECD Services Trade Restrictiveness Index.

Statement by Prof. Abhijit Das, Head, Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi:WTO Webinar on the Moratorium on Customs Duties on Electronic Transmissions.

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